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aquarius weekly horoscope forecast

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Forecast by Rahul Kaushal ,Jan 17, 2022

Weekly Horoscope Forecast for the week start from 9 January
Some new sources of income may generate in this week. Your economic condition will be as usual but there are good chances to get huge money from some secret source. Confrontations at home will develop with your spouse. Tensions related to your business or job will be at the high. Many unforeseen troubles may crop up. But you will progress well in this week. You may have confrontations or misunderstandings at your work place with your colleagues. You will be happy to see the things are moving in your desired direction.

Weekly Horoscope Forecast for the week start from 16 January
Starting of this month is very auspicious for you but not the end part. You may find interest in religious books and literature in this week. Do not waste your time on unprofitable deeds. Expenses may on the rise in this week on your family matters. You will loose your temper at your home, resulting in mental agony will disturb you a lot. You will have to make some extra efforts to make the system smooth. Abdomen disorder may develop in this week. Journeys made during this period will not make any good results. Keep away from legal complications.

Weekly Horoscope Forecast for the week start from 23 January
Starting of this week is very rewarding for you as good money inflow will swell your bank balance and you may further enhance your business. Yours business/profession will gain a new height during this week. Your long awaited wishes will be fulfilled in this week. Your economic situation will be more stable than ever before. Huge money inflows will thick your bank balance. You will get good name and fame during this week. Some new contacts will be established. Your life partner will behave normally and do understand your emotions. You may get some award, which makes you more energetic towards your profession. This week is in your favor. You will earn huge money during this week. Beware from your hidden enemies.

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